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Good afternoon everyone!  I’m posting a quick note to formally introduce our new category “At The Movies”, where we will be doing movie reviews on things that we like, don’t like and everything in between.  To that end, we’ve sucked in another brave soul to contribute to the site, his name is Brian.

Say hello to Brian.

Say hello to the new section.

Feel free to drop us a line in the comments, post a tweet or whatever if you’d like a specific movie reviewed or have any other feedback.




Guild Wars 2: The Engineer Grenade Build

A few people I’ve been playing with have asked me about my engineer builds in Guild Wars 2, to explain what traits, armor and weapons I’ve chosen. What most people don’t ask is how do you play Engineer? That, to me, is really the important question people need to ask for any class really. But, with engineer it’s particularly important because you can do so many different things.  If simply spamming 1 is your objective, look elsewhere – you really cannot be effective that way with the engineer class.  This build requires that you use you skills and kits in a specific order to achieve might stacking, vulnerability condition stack and maximize DPS.

Since I mainly run PVE, my grenade build is focused in that area.  Mostly for dungeons/fractals and solo map running.  This build could be more effective in WVW probably with some minor tweaking, but I haven’t gotten into that side of the game very heavily just yet.  I’ll review that last in this article.

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What's in the box?!

What the hell did I just buy?

If you’ve been following my Loot Crate videos, you’ll know that I recently renovated my home office. My wife and I now have our own desks and little areas of the office. So far, it’s working out pretty well. Part of that whole transition was replacing our massive “L” shaped desk with two new desks; one for each of us. The desk I picked up has a pretty nice keyboard tray that I’ve been using without a mouse pad, but not using a mouse pad on a laminate wood desk is just a bad idea in general. Not only will it ruin the finish on the desk over time, it is less accurate for gaming. To remedy that, I set out to buy a mouse pad.

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The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2

You know what time it is people … time for a new Guild Wars 2 Living Story trailer. This one just dropped this morning from ArenaNet and it’s quite interesting. Will we finally get a glimpse of Mordremoth next week? I certainly hope so, but I fear for the fate of the Grove. Could it be more vines? Or does the dragon roar in the background tell us that Mordremoth is coming for the Pale Tree?

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