Converting my wife to Android.

I’ll start this off by stating that I have tried this before.  In fact, it was just before Christmas last year that I bought my wife the Moto X in an attempt to move her away from her iPhone and over to Android.  The migration lasted only about three weeks because she “accidentally” dropped and smashed her phone.  Admittedly, it wasn’t an easy transition.  I’m not sure if it was because she didn’t like the physical device, Android or that I hadn’t provided enough help to ease her through it.  Possibly, and very likely, it was a combination of all of those factors.

This time, I feel as though I’m more prepared and I have a better device for her.  The OnePlus One.

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TeamSpeak 3: The Music Bot

I decided the other day that I wanted to put a music bot on our TeamSpeak 3 server, specifically on our Guild Wars 2 channel so we can have a little oontz-ootz and wub-wub to go along with our shenanigans.  As it turns out, it isn’t as straight forward as you’d expect.  In light of that, this article aims to provide a very quick tutorial on how to get a basic music bot pumping up the jams on your TeamSpeak channel.

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Death of the Summer Movies

So most people know that there are movie “seasons” throughout the year. Late fall and early winter are usually when the big Oscar contenders come out, late winter is more often than not the “dead zone” of movies. And then there’s summer. Summer is blockbuster season, where studios empty their wallets to collect the attentions of students off for the summer everywhere. But what does this mean for us? From what I remember as a kid, it meant action, adventure, and maybe some excitement. But things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. Now it has become a trough for revamps, reboots and sequels to sequels. What the hell happened to the summer movies!?? Lets take a look at 3 different summers of the past along with the summer of the present.

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Guild Wars 2: WvW with CORE

Digging deeper into Guild Wars 2, I find myself in a new guild Company of the Red Elite [CORE] for World vs. World.  Now, I’m a total noob at WvW but I’m with a great group of players and am learning a lot about the strategy and play style.  As such, I’ve had to completely dump my PvE build and am running a totally different setup to provide better support for my Guild in these Zerg encounters.

At this point, I’m not at all comfortable with the build and which skills to use when.  So you’ll notice that I wind up spamming skills randomly at times.  Most of the finishers and combos I know, it’s just a matter of figuring out what to use and when in a given situation.

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