Contracted: Lesbians, STD’s and Ghouls

So Herp suggested that I watch the movie Contracted (or demanded, but who’s keeping track), requesting a review of said movie. Now, generally speaking, I fully appreciate the discussions we have regarding movies, and most of the time our tastes align. However, there is one genre that we often don’t see eye to eye on, and that would be any movie that falls close to the horror genre. I am not a horror movie fan. Before you shout expletives at the screen (depending on which side of the line you fall) let me explain. I can certainly appreciate a movie in the genre, however, the crutches that horror directors usually fall upon do not often appeal to me. Sure, I can appreciate a good decapitation, laugh at a tongue-in-cheek death scene, and sit on the edge of my seat at a thrilling zombie flick, but these stereotypes just don’t get my goat as much as, say, a well directed action sequence. Both can fall into the same traps of cheesiness, or corniness, or over-doneness, I just appreciate the latter more. That being said, I decided to give the movie a try. Click to continue reading …


Death of the Summer Movies

So most people know that there are movie “seasons” throughout the year. Late fall and early winter are usually when the big Oscar contenders come out, late winter is more often than not the “dead zone” of movies. And then there’s summer. Summer is blockbuster season, where studios empty their wallets to collect the attentions of students off for the summer everywhere. But what does this mean for us? From what I remember as a kid, it meant action, adventure, and maybe some excitement. But things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. Now it has become a trough for revamps, reboots and sequels to sequels. What the hell happened to the summer movies!?? Lets take a look at 3 different summers of the past along with the summer of the present.

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