Guild Wars 2 - The Dragon's Reach: Part 1

Guild Wars 2: Dragon’s Reach Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes directly from the Guild Wars team.  Herp, Samba and I started playing through the story last night and were met with the much discussed story bug where you couldn’t progress past the first chapter.  Beyond that, after ANet patch it, the zerg fest was unbelievable and introduced far more problems.  Look for that post and video in the next few days as I progress through and complete this part of the story.


The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1
With an Elder Dragon’s corruption spreading, the heroes of Tyria set out in an attempt to gather allies to meet this new threat. But with problems of their own close to home, will world leaders add their support or just introduce more challenges?
After completing The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1, players can showcase their tactical mastery as heroes of Tyria by completing challenging episode-related achievements.

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Wolfenstein - The New Order

Dropped Frames: Wolfenstein TNO: Playing the XBONE Campaign v.0

So, I finally got my hands on the latest iteration of Wolfenstein (it is still $40 as a digital download on the Xbox Live Marketplace) and started happily murdering the shit out of some Nazi’s.

At this point, I have to say I’m impressed. As a Wolfenstein Connoisseur, I have been increasingly skeptical with the releases over the years. I still contend, however, that the best flamethrower in any game, even still, is the one from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Dat flame!

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Guild Wars 2 - Entanglement

Guild Wars 2: Entanglement – Pickles & Herp Gameplay

July 15th brought us the latest installment of Season 2 content for Guild Wars 2, called Entanglement.   Herp and I played through it last night and recorded the whole thing while providing random commentary and geekyness along the way.

But, before we get to the video, lets go through the release information from ArenaNet, including their trailer video.

There are secrets hidden within the newly revealed area of Dry Top, just waiting to be discovered. Continue your adventures in the Maguuma Wastes and take a stand alongside your fellow heroes against an ancient, growing threat.

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