Dropped Frames: Destiny: Smorgasbord of PS4 and XBONE Gameplay


In all honesty, the beta is solid as a rock and it is pretty comparable between the two systems.

PS4 character creation, some story details, killing bad guys (aliens), and saving the world!

Leveling up in the PS4 β and continuing various parts from the v.0 video.

Just continuing my adventures on Earth and the nearby planets. I unlocked The Crucible, which allows me to kill other Guardians (AKA, Multiplayer)!

Here is the XBONE version of the β. I tried the one class and race I hadn’t tried yet (Sorcerer Robot), so it will be a bit different than the PS4 gameplay.

I will say that the sticks on the XBONE controller are definitely more responsive (noticeably) in terms of wireless delay and on-screen response, so my wrists and fingers do not tire as quickly.

Towards the end of the video, the party my buddy PHORVIZ and I were in started to transmit audio only when the party app was snapped. Fully turning off the XBONE and unplugging it, fixed the issue.

Visuals are pretty much the same – I’d say the only noticeable difference is the amount of aliasing, of which the XBONE version has a little more. Enjoy!

Continuing my character along with PHORVIZ. There are a lot of shenanigans in this one, some story, a lot of dancing, and a lot of dead Fallen.

My source YouTube upload is located:



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