The Darkness II

Dropped Frames: The Darkness II: Playing the PC Campaign v.1 – 2

Continuing the campaign on from the v.0 video, this episode has LOTS of heart-eating, new skills, story development, one of the most brutal kills in a game, ever (makes the chest-burster in Alien look like Teletubbies), and more juicy quad-wielding.

Note: I danced with Jenny for the whole song because in the first game, if you watch the movie with her on the couch for something like 5 minutes, you get an achievement. It was all in vein, as I didn’t get an achievement.

Twitch doesn’t let me upload more than 2 hours to YouTube, so this is the rest of the v.1 play-through in my one sitting.

Continuing the campaign – Juicy story and violence abound!

My source YouTube uploads are located:


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