Wolf: TNO

Dropped Frames: Wolfenstein TNO: Playing the XBONE Campaign v.1-5

Continuing the Fun from v.0!

The Train to Berlin segment around the 1:02:30 mark is… an awesome experience. I haven’t felt that tense from a game experience in a long time. Bravo creators, Bravo!

In this video, there is a lot of Nazi-directed violence.

This segment is heavy on story, but there is some good ol’ fashioned Nazi killin’!

I play errand-boy for a bit, cruise around in the sewers, murder a lot of Nazis, get the Shrapnel upgrade to my shotgun – best upgrade *yet* – and then spend a good amount of time testing it out… on Nazis.

In this segment, I get out of the sub, find some ancient stuff, and destroy the SHIT out of a Nazi bridge. Enjoy!

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