How to bypass the FiOS router entirely.

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    How to bypass the FiOS router entirely. by Pickles

    The best way to start this is probably with a little background about my home network … I’ve had FiOS for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been u

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    Scott Chapman

    Did you need to connect the actiontec using the WAN port? Or could you have assigned static IP address to it and done LAN <-> LAN between routers?

    I ask because I suspect that in order to do all the fancy FiOS quantum stuff (caller ID, FiOS mobile, yada yada) everything needs to be on the same network.


    Dustin Berger

    I read your article and found it very useful for preliminary research of completely removing a Verizon FiOS gateway from my network entirely. I was successful!

    First let me explain my services I have with Verizon. I have a Double Play package with TV and FiOS internet 100/100. I did not always have this level of speed but I recently upgraded from 50/25. When I did this Verizon required a new ONT install and installation of Cat6 to be run from my ONT to where I have my equipment. Previously I only had an RC6 install from the ONT.

    The current setup done by a Verizon FiOS installation technician on 01 JUNE 2016 is cable TV over RC6 and internet services over Cat6. Both mediums are active from the ONT. I previously did not think this was possible. The terminate in my living room at a dual coaxial and Ethernet wall plate. The Ethernet is plugged into the FiOS gateway WAN port. The coaxial cable is connected to a two way splitter with two outputs. One output goes to the Set Top Box (STB) and the other to the coaxial connection on the FiOS gateway.

    I asked the install tech if the STB would connect to the router via Ethernet for Video On Demand and guide/widget services and he said it still uses a coaxial connection. I did not think he was being truthful as I did not understand how the STB was communicating with the FiOS gateway through the Verizon provided coaxial splitter but he was correct and it does register on the FiOS gateway with an IP address.

    I have been curios of why they say their services will not work without their equipment, a FiOS router/gateway, essentially it’s just a router with a coaxial port for incoming WAN connection or in my case an extra coaxial port so the STB can communicate with the gateway.

    I recently found a piece of equipment from none other than Actiontec that takes Ethernet and turns it into coaxial ( This allows you to turn your homes existing coaxial lines into a wired network. I thought to myself there is no reason that would not take the signal from the output of the splitter and turn it into an Ethernet signal. I risked the $73 and ordered one from Amazon.

    Now the ultimate goal was to completely remove the FiOS gateway and utilize my Netgear Nighthawk R7000. To make sure this was possible the Actiontec adapter had to successfully turn the coaxial signal to Ethernet and register an IP on the FiOS gateway. I connected the adapter and plugged it into the FiOS gateway. I waited for the status lights on the adapter to go green and by the time I logged into the FiOS gateway it had registered the STB. I then confirmed VOD and guide/widget functionality and all were successful.

    From there I performed the final test that you mostly confirmed in your entry that the R7000 will serve as a primary router and host DHCP functions and did a DHCP release and configured my R7000 without a FiOS gateway on the network. I am happy to say this was successful. I have proved that a FiOS gateway is not required to use Verizon FiOS services both TV and internet. I would also go as far to say those with only a coaxial setup may be able to use the Actiontec adapter and remove the FiOS gateway.

    I will be talking to Verizon very soon to ask them why they are forcing consumers to purchase their proprietary equipment when there is third party equipment that will work on their network. Even when multiple representatives tell me otherwise. I would need some help to confirm but I believe there might be an FCC violation here with regards to the use of third party equipment by the consumer.



    ** Massively delayed response **

    Go re-read step 23, you need to use the WAN port on the Actiontec router.


    Family Folan

    On Step 18, I am not sure what you mean by a subnet. Are you simply saying that you just need to change the IP address of the new router to something like: 192.168.2.x ?


    David Rothrock

    Worked without any issues. I am using a Ubiquiti Gateway Router. I still have the VZ router on for the MOCA traffic, but I am going to swap it out with an older VZ router that they left with me when I moved. Hopefully it will still work and then I don’t have to buy a MOCA bridge and can return the new Quantum Router and save 10 bucks a month. P.S. the Ubiquti Gateway device is amazing, even has VOIP setup builtin and the ability to have 4 Wifi networks associated with multiple VLANs. Lastly, it has Deep Packet Inspection, so you can see exactly who goes where and when; even to the point of the apps they use to contact servers on the Internet. I feel bad for my son as he gets older. Big Daddy will be watching what he is doing. LOL

    Great article. Thank you for taking the time to get it out there. It helped with my final hiccup on getting onDemand working again.

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