Guild Wars 2 - The Dragon's Reach: Part 1

Guild Wars 2: Dragon’s Reach Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes directly from the Guild Wars team.  Herp, Samba and I started playing through the story last night and were met with the much discussed story bug where you couldn’t progress past the first chapter.  Beyond that, after ANet patch it, the zerg fest was unbelievable and introduced far more problems.  Look for that post and video in the next few days as I progress through and complete this part of the story.


The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1
With an Elder Dragon’s corruption spreading, the heroes of Tyria set out in an attempt to gather allies to meet this new threat. But with problems of their own close to home, will world leaders add their support or just introduce more challenges?
After completing The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1, players can showcase their tactical mastery as heroes of Tyria by completing challenging episode-related achievements.


  • New kites can be found in the Buried Locked Chests throughout Dry Top. Kite types include:
    • Crystal Shard Kite
    • Ventari Follower Kite
    • Prosperity Mine Kite
  • Gentt now trades Sandy Bags of Gear for Unidentified Fossilized Insects.
  • The ambrite short bow, Vespidae, has been renamed to Culicidae.
  • The ambrite weapon recipe and ambrite fossilized insect descriptions have been updated to better describe the weapons they make.
  • Players will be able to obtain a mysterious seed. Through hard work and cultivation it could sprout into a unique new back item.


  • Black Citadel:
    • Discovering the Hero’s Forum point of interest will no longer cause it to shift position on the world map.
  • Blazeridge Steppes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused monster waves to respawn immediately after being killed in the “Defend Brokentooth Maw” and “Defend the engineers repairing Brokentooth Maw” events.
  • Bloodtide Coast:
    • The shark in the “Kill the Deep Sea Shark” event now has a boss icon overhead.
    • Fixed a gender/model mismatch of a Covington Cannoneer.
  • Cursed Shore:
    • Fixed a bug to stabilize Halla Corpseflayer’s position during the interaction at Meddler’s Summit.
    • Added a marker to the “Defend Priory Scholar Zepa as she searches the village of Ewan for ancient artifacts” event so the event is easier to find during its preparation phase.
  • Divinity’s Reach:
    • Divinity Guide [Information] NPCs will now correctly mark the Seraph Headquarters on the world map.
  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs:
    • In Dostoev Sky Peak, the Veteran Hulking Pyrite Elemental correctly displays a boss icon during the “Stop the hulking pyrite elemental” event.
  • Gendarran Fields:
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from removing the crippled condition from wounded soldiers when using the Medical Kit bundle near Nebo Terrace.
  • Harathi Hinterlands:
    • Shining Blade Kimber and the trio of centaur war councilors in the “Help Shining Blade Kimber find her husband” event chain now have event icons overhead.
    • The Veteran Bandit Leader in the “Intercept the prisoner caravan” event now has a boss icon overhead.
    • The locations of the four Seraph squads in the “Defend Seraph forces at Bridgewatch Camp from the Modniir assault” event have been given event icons on the world map.
  • Malchor’s Leap:
    • Fixed a wall around the Village of Wren to prevent players from walking through the wall.
  • Mount Maelstrom:
    • Fixed the Crucible of Eternity dungeon icon on the world map to hide correctly if the area is undiscovered.
  • Plains of Ashford:
    • The Iron Legionnaire escorted in the “Kill the veteran lava shaman” event correctly displays a shield icon overhead.
  • Sparkfly Fen:
    • Fixed a minor technical issue with Tequatl’s Hardened Scales buff in the “Danger at Fabled Djannor” event to alleviate CPU spikes.
  • Straits of Devastation:
    • The Champion Risen Krait Nimross in the “Destroy the Risen krait nimross and free the trapped Pact crew” event now has a boss icon overhead.
  • The Grove:
    • Updated conversations with NPCs Beidyre and Androel to allow non-sylvari players to converse with them.


  • Twilight Arbor Story Mode:
    • Fixed Mr. Sparkles’s character model mismatch.
  • Ascalonian Catacombs Explorable Mode:
    • Fixed several issues causing Detha’s story path to stall.

Personal Story

  • All recipe unlock items have received new icons. Icons now match the rarity and type of the output item. Similarly, the rarity of all recipe items now matches the output item’s rarity.
  • Fixed a bug causing Chaos of Lyssa, Chaos of Lyssa (Infused), Light of Dwayna (Infused), and Shadow of Grenth (Infused) to become soulbound when equipped. All soulbound versions of these items will become account bound.
  • Updated the karma vendors at the Orrian temples to each sell armor sets with a single stat combination.

Profession Skills

  • Healing Turret:
    • Cleansing Burst: Added a skill fact for conditions removed: 2.


  • Hammer Swing / Hammer Bash:
    • Fixed a bug preventing the number of targets skill fact from displaying.
  • Sanctuary:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Master of Consecrations trait to create a duplicate skill fact.


  • Lich Form:
    • Deathly Claws: Added a pierces skill fact.
    • Marked for Death: Updated the damage skill fact to correctly scale with the Spiteful Marks trait.


  • Piercing Arrows:
    • Added pierces and targets per arrow skill facts to affected skills.
  • Mighty Swap:
    • Added a combat only trait fact.
  • Vigorous Training:
    • Added a combat only trait fact.


  • Fan of Fire:
    • Added pierces and targets per arrow skill facts.
  • Combustive Shot:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the damage skill fact to display a lower amount than the actual damage when traited with Burst Mastery.

World vs. World

  • Updated the names on past WvW tournament world-placement achievements.
  • The Toxic Unveiling Volley skill no longer shows up on an Arrow Cart’s skill bar until the skill has been unlocked.
  • Guild Arrow Cart skill-damage tooltips now properly reflect their superior-level damage.

New Items and Promotions

  • The new Home Portal Stone is now available in the Services category for 900 gems. Players can instantly travel to their home city instance and return to their original location on demand.
  • Mini Scruffy is now available in the Toys category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • The Permanent Hair Stylist Contract is now a very rare drop from Black Lion Chests for the next 2 weeks only.
  • The new Endless Monkey King Tonic is now a very rare drop from Black Lion Chests.

Bug Fix

  • Mini Flame Legion Effigy is now the same scale as other exotic minis.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Forum


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