Max is Back!

Dropped Frames: Carmageddon Reincarnation: Toolin’ around the Pre-α v.0

Here is a collection of ShadowPlay brag clips edited together showing off, mainly, the frickin’ awesome vehicle repairing in this game.

There is some other random violence, but I really enjoy just destroying my car and watching those pieces fly back into place. I use Caddy Fat Cat a lot because that car seems to have the most parts that break off.
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The Darkness II

Dropped Frames: The Darkness II: Playing the PC Campaign v.0

The Darkness is one of my all-time favorite games. The sequel is a lot different, but it is still really good! I never read the graphic novels, so the original game was my introduction to The Darkness.

I played both on the 360, originally, and am now trying the PC version. I will note that even though I chose my optical out (the only device I have enabled), it was not pumping DTS surround sound out like other games do. Sad, because it loses a lot of OOMPF.

Still, it is good to be eating hearts again!

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