What’s the point of this madness?

For the first post in this are of the site Blog the Pickle, I figured it would be a good idea to maybe tell you a bit about myself and what this area of theAssociatesPress.com will primarily cover.  While I fully intend to try and stick to this mission statement of sorts, I can not really predict the future of what may wind up here.  So, let’s begin with a bit about me …

Without getting into too much personal detail about me, I’m a technology geek, father, husband and gaming enthusiast.  I’m not an expert in any of those areas and probably never will claim to be.  But I have an opinion, and now I have a place to cram that opinion down the collective throats of whoever winds up reading this.  I won’t bore you with credentials, experience, etc here … just go with me on this one, we’ll have some fun.

In this space, I’m going to dedicate my free time to post things that I think are relevant to technology and gaming – in fact, I may even synchronize some of my commentary with what’s happening to the knuckleheads in the Associates Comic. Maybe.

General topics that you should expect to see here in the future …

  1. Gaming.  Duh.  Mostly in the form of video reviews of new games, existing games and general ranting.  If you want to see our squad screwing around in various games, check out Dropped Frames, which is manged by Gwazh and THE.MAC.GOD …
  2. Android Development.  As a CyanogenMod device maintainer, I have a unique perspective on the android community that I’ll share.  This will include technical guides on development as well as reviews on new android releases and cool apps that I find.  I expect that Herp will avoid these articles like the plague …
  3. Technololgy. Expect to see random posts about new technology, development and the like.
  4. Hardware Reviews. I will be posting hardware reviews for PCs and gadgets. The concept for these posts will not be to bore you with stats and benchmarks, but to give you a real world perspective on each device being reviewed in context with how I’d want to use it.  Of course, stats will be included, but will not be the primary focus over real world results … numbers don’t mean a damn thing if it simply doesn’t work as intended.
  5. Site Updates. As the web monkey for this place, I’ll provide details for new features, updates, etc.  You can also direct any complaints about broken things to me.  I may or may not choose to ignore them.

I believe that covers the overall point.  I’m looking forward to what happens here and absolutely value any constructive input from the readers along the way.




The Associates Press tech geek, web bastard and general jackass.

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